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Senior’s Concierge vs Regular Concierge: What’s the Difference?

Concierge services are very popular these days, especially as the lives of those in business get more and more hectic. A concierge can make life a lot easier for people trying to manage dozens of things at once.


They are also important for senior citizens as they transition to a slower pace of life. As seniors retire, they have more leisure time to enjoy, but these can be restricted by physical limitations. Their needs and required services, then, are going to be different from the ones regular concierges perform.

How Are They Alike?



“Concierge” is a French term meaning “personal assistant,” but this doesn’t mean a concierge is strictly someone who makes phone calls and picks up Starbucks for the wealthy. Anywhere a wide range of personal services are needed, you’ll find a concierge: in a hotel, at the airport, behind the desk at a vacation hotspot, in hospitals, etc. They call taxis, make plans or recommendations, and run general amenities to paying guests. In short, they do a lot to provide comfort.

This is how regular concierges and seniors’ concierges are similar: they both provide a wide range of tasks to meet the needs of others. They offer to help perform tasks that are out of people’s experience or would otherwise burden them. Their jobs are to create a relaxing, unstressed atmosphere that would otherwise compromise their enjoyment – for a regular concierge, this means vacations, hotel stays, and business affairs; for seniors, this means retirement living.

But there are many differences, too, most notably in the types of tasks one has to take on.

How Are They Different?

conceirgeA senior concierge offers different tasks than a regular concierge because seniors have different needs than business-people. Their physical limitations mean that the tasks a senior concierge will take on are different than the tasks of a typical concierge.

Senior concierges, therefore, are more personal. While regular concierges make phone calls, plans, and add comfort to people, most of these people are strangers and will be out of the concierge’s life almost as quickly as they entered it. Senior concierges offer in-home help for chores and tasks, take their clients and their own limitations into consideration when making plans, and run many errands that can be sensitive. They can work not just with the seniors, but with family members to ensure everything is safe and in the senior’s best interests.

conceirgeWhile both types of concierge maximize independent living, the senior’s concierge does it with a more basic and wider variety of tasks. It’s done to let seniors live their everyday lives to the fullest, to ensure peace of mind when completing what used to be basic chores or errands and to maintain a level of independence their bodies might not afford them anymore.

If you’re a senior who’s in need of a concierge or know of a senior who could benefit from these services, give us a call! We’re here to help make life more comfortable and relaxing at this time when it should be.





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